welcome to sMod - simple Marketing on demand

sMod is a company, a web platform, a development environment, a content management system, an eMarketing system, and an eCommerce platform.

sMod allows for rapid development, and ongoing iteration of your online platform.

Important: As at 19th December 2013, sMod V4.00 has now entered long term support phase, for existing clients this means that you need to contact sMod Support to claim your free upgrade to sMod V5 before December 31 2014.
You will also find all documentation has been moved to the new sModV Resources site

sMod is a software development company based in Northern Tasmania, specialising in the development of innovative systems to assist small and medium businesses.

The sMod platform is a perfect starting point if you're venturing online for the first time, looking to build onto your existing website with new features like a Content Management System, blog, social integration or want to start selling online.  

sMod is the perfect platform that is ready to bolt on a smart-phone App when you're ready to take the next step with your online presence as well.  Check out our business page for more.

sMod is also the perfect starting point for business and marketing consultants looking to add building web-presences to their offering, visit our partner page for more.

sMod is a great leg up for web designers who are either starting out in business, or looking to provide a faster way to deploy websites for their clients.  sMod is a powerful environment to develop websites without the clutter, or uncertainty surrounding an individually installed open source product, or a custom developed application.  Visit our developer page for more.

sMod is the perfect building blocks for beautiful, engaging, and powerful tourism interpretation, navigation, and destination driven platforms.  Some specific uses are destination websites, tourism operator websites, visitor centre touchscreens, advertising screens, smart phone applications (Apps).  Perfect for tourism operators, tourism regions and tourism destinations, visit our tourism page for more.